fredag den 26. november 2010

Tidbitz In Time is having a sale...

Are you aware that Tidbitz In Time is having a sale on Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Each kit available will be 50% off, if coupon code Thank50 is entered upon checkout. The kits really are recommendable so why not give it a try?

I would like to share one more layout I have made with the fabulous November Tidbitz In Time kit with you.

The photos are from our visit in Ribe Vikingecenter this summer. The three musicians are playing and singing the very special Wiking music for the Danish Queen who payed the Centre a visit that day. As I saw their outfits I just had to shoot some photos for a layout, and I found the October Afternoon papers from the november kit was a perfect match.

Have a great weekend :-D

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