onsdag den 30. marts 2011

All about Butterflies......

The theme this week over at Scrap Yourself is Come fly with me..... All about butterflies.
I listen to many different kinds of music so the first thing that came to my mind as I got to know the theme were the words "Fly on the Wing of love"."Fly on the Wings of love" is the title of the Danish winning song from the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 in Stockholm, Sweden. It's a song about the greatest love between two people, that's why I decided to create a layout with my husband and I from one of our wedding anniversaries.

The layout.....
......and a close-up with some details

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Danish Scrapbooking Convention where I bought one of the new Bo Bunny series, Gabrielle, which I used for this layout. I think this series with all the butterflies was perfect for the theme this week so it certainly became a "must have".

Hugs, Kirsten

torsdag den 24. marts 2011


Over at Scrap Yourself we got the challenge creating a layout only using black, white and a pop of our favorite colour. I made this layout, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted, but here it is.

Actually I have more than one favorite colour; alle shades of blue, burnt red and all shades of purple. As I have a lot of pictures of me wearing purple I chose to make a layout with some of them.

A couple of close-ups

Why not jump over at Scrap Yourself to check out the layouts from the DT, - you may get a lot of great inspiration.


søndag den 13. marts 2011

Danish Scrapbooking Convention and Hot Chocolate

Yesterday I was at the Danish Scrapbooking Convention i Middelfart, so I'm SOOOO very tired today. It was a fantastic day - 200 Danish and German scrappers, 10 Danish scrapbooking shops, classes Anna Dąbrowska (Finnabair), so it couldn't be much better :-D

Yesterday I also made my second post over at Scrap Yourself. Here you have the layout.

If you want to read the post please jump over at Scrap Yourself and if you leave a comment over there I would be happy :-D


onsdag den 2. marts 2011

Just me.....

I have now made my first post as one of the Scrap Yourself designers. I am very proud of working with the fabulous scrappers on the team.

I asked people around me how they see me, luckily it was pretty much the same as I see myself, so my very first Scrap Yourself layout is my ABC, as I find it a good way of introducing myself.

Journaling: Arbejdsom = Hardworking, Beskeden = Modest, Claus's mor = Claus´s mother, Dynamisk = Dynamic, Egenrådig = Obstinate, Følsom = Sensitive, Godmodig = Good-natured, Humoristisk = Humerous, Internetafhængig = Addicted to the internet, Jannies's mor = Jannie's mother, Kærlig = Loving, Loyal = Loyal, Munter = Cheerful, Naturlig = Natural, Omsorgsfuld = Considerate, Pålidelig = Reliable, Quinde = Woman, Rolig = Calm, Skytte = Sagittarius, Tænksom = Thoughtful, Utålmodig = Impatient, Venlig = Kind, Xeptionel = Ekseptionel, Ydmyg = Humble, Zulu-seer = Watching a TV-program called Zulu, Ærlig = Honest, Økonomisk = Economic, Åben = Open minded.


Why not jump over at Scrap Yourself and check out the amazing layouts, there is tons of inspiration if you want to scrap yourself or maybe want to create a Book of me.