mandag den 29. marts 2010

The First Spring Sun/Den første forårssol

A couple of weeks ago we spent some days in our holliday cottage in the northern part of Denmark. We took a walk along the beach even if it was cold and frosty, but if you could find a little sunny and sheltered spot it was wonderful.

I made this layout for a challenge over at Mission {to} Create. I think the challenges are great, and I really enjoy making layouts with their ideas. I didn't manage the woodgrain, but used the sketch, clouds, 6 red buttons and twine. So here is my entry :-D

lørdag den 20. marts 2010

Snydepakke (cheating gift - I hope that make sence in English ;-D )

My son, Claus, is a BIG fan of the Seattle music-scene, especially Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Last Christmas we, among other things, would give him a book about the Seattle music. The book didn't reach Denmark (from USA) before Christmas, so we gave him a book token instead. We didn't want to give it to him in an envolope, so we made a gift out of a kitchen roll and the book token. It was a big surprise with the book token wrapped that way, and we had a lot of fun that day ;-D

I used the cute BassicGrey series Eskimo Kisses for the layout. I hope you like it ;-D

torsdag den 18. marts 2010

Layout from the Convention

On the Convention last weekend I made this layout for one of the sketch challenges.

I love the Eskimo Kisses series from BasicGrey, so I've used the paper for this layout.

We took a lot of photos during the Christmas hollidays, that's why I've called the layout Paparazzi. We had so much fun, and it's really a Christmas I will remember in the future.


mandag den 15. marts 2010

10th Danish Scrapbooking Convention

Last Saturday I went to the 10th Danish Scrapbooking Convention. We were 250 scrap-girlz from Denmark and Germany, as well as 10 Danish scrapshops, so we really had a great opportunity to spend a lot of money ;-D

When The Danish Scrapbooking Convention started some years ago, 50 scrappers joined the arrangement. On this Convention 9 of us had joined all 10 Conventions, so we were celebrated, got great presents, free tickets for the next Convention in October and so on, it was really great :-D

Here are the 9 hardcore scrap-girlz...
(I'm the one with the purple scarf)

A little glimpse from the Convention

Christiane Müller (designer at Prima Marketing) had two fanstatic workshops during the Convention, and I had one of her classes. It was great, she is SO inspiring and such a lovely person, and I love her sense of humour ;-D

Here Christiane demonstrates one of her techniques

I know a lot of scrapping girls from forums and from the Danish online magazine ScrapSisters, and one of the great things at Conventions is to meet people IRL. In Danish we say it's "hyggeligt" (pleasant) being together with your scrapfriends from the whole country, I think it's one of the best things at a Convention. - And of course the shopping... ;-D

Here are 2 of my dear scrapfriends - Anne and Dorit.
I wonder what they are trying to find in their bags :-)

Next Convention is 1.-2. of October 2010, the time can only go too slowly..... ;-D


First entry at Mission to Create

My gallery-blog are still a bit under construction,
but I think it's okay to go public now ;-D

I've decided to make a layout for Mission to Create. I think the challenges are great, so I went for it.

I think the saying Højt at flyve, dybt at falde is
High to fly, deep to fall
in English (does that make sence?).

If it wasn't for the challenge, I dont't think I would have dreamt of mixing the brown and blue colours on the layout with green, but I'm quite satisfied with it ;-D

My son lives in Copenhagen, and in December 2009 we spent a day in Tivoli together. It was terribly cold that day, and my husband and son wanted to give "Det gyldne Tårn" (The Golden Tower) a try. Because of the low temperature I think they regretted it a bit when they went high up in the air and had to fall down many meters in a high speed ;-D Anyway, they had a great - but cold - time ;-D


tirsdag den 9. marts 2010

Last layout from France

The layout you see here is the last one from France. Now I think it's nice to move on and scrap someting else ;-D

Well, I'm quite satisfied with this layout which once again is for the ScrapSisters Festival. The challenge was to use Alcohol Ink and some of our old patterned papers. I chose papers from BasicGrey. I love the Blush series and I found it was a perfect match to the pictures.

The flowers are made of vellum and Alcohol Ink, I think they are pretty cute.

Now I think I will start packing my stuff for a Scrapbooking Convention next Saturday ;-D

Chateaux Dagsbourg

Just behind the campsite where we stayed in Eguisheim, there was 3 old castles. We find the history interesting, so of course we had to take a look at them ;-D

Also this layout is for the Scrapsisters Festival. We got a sketch-challenge and had to use green and grey colours, and here is the result ;-D

mandag den 8. marts 2010

The Gefion Fontaine

We often go to Copenhagen to see our son who is studying overthere. Sometimes we go sightseeing, so here you see a layout from The Gefion Fountaine.

I made the layout for the Scrapsisters Scrapfestival last year.

I apologize for the dusty colours, the photo is taken in the evening, so they are a bit dark.


Here is one more layout from Colmar. I will prestent you for one more, so now you are warned ;-D

I used some old papers from Cherry Arte. The little flowers are stamped and the little butterflies are directly imported from France ;-D I bought a lot on the market you see a glimpse of on one of the photoes.
I ended up with this simple layout, but I'm quite satisfied with it :-D

søndag den 7. marts 2010

If I were king for a day....

Of course Caesar went to France with us. Actually it's very easy to travel in France with a dog. Dogs are welcome everywhere and everyone we met liked dogs ;-D

Here he is laying outside our caravan.

When I made the layout I was thinking what HE would decide if he were king for a day ;-D

"Mom and dad should stay at home every day and never go to work"
"All daily dogwalks in the forest have to be at least twice as long as now"
"Mom and dad should be available for playing the whole day long"
"I would like to have all the Rodeo-chewingsticks, steaks, cheese and icecream I could eat every day"
"I would like to stay outside the whole day long"

For this layout I used patterned paper from BasicGrey Mellow-series, a little piece of gold cardstock and gold stickels for the crown and some crown-tape from Prima.

French folkdancing

When we arrived to the campsite the staff told us Eguisheim celebrated the wine with a Winefestival during the week-end, so of course we had to se what were going on ;-D

One out of many things were French folk dancing and I made a layout with some of the pictures from that day.

I used the same sketch as the one from "Den Gamle By", but I think the layouts are very different.

Le Petite Venice

Little Venice is a part of the French town Colmar. During our stay in Eguisheim we visited Colmar, and Little Venice is really a MUST when you are in that area.

I hope you like the layout ;-D

Den Gamle By/The Old Town

My dear son studied a couple of years in Århus, and his appartment was just beside "Den Gamle By" (The Old Town). "Den Gamle By" is an open-air museum, and it is interesting to see how life went on once upon a time.

The pictures on the layout are from a visit in Den Gamle By. I have used a sketch made for a Convention, and because of the patterned background I chose to make the layout rather simpel.

I think this is all for now :-D

Eguisheim in France

Promise me to pay the little town Eguisheim a visit if you are planning to go to France for your next vacation. Eguisheim is SO BEAUTIFUL with all the idyllic old streets and houses with flowers everywhere.

A couple of years ago we spent 2 weeks in the northern part of France, and this really was one of our best vacations untill now.

On this layout I have tried to catch the atmosphere in the picture, what do you think? Did I succeed ;-D ?

My beautiful daughter

Well, I have to admit that I'm rather proud of this layout ;-D

First of all because of the picture which shows my daughter exactly as she is; beautiful and always smiling.

But I'm also pretty proud of the result of making my own background. At first I roughly cut out 3 butterfly-shapes and placed them on the white cardstock. Afterwards I sprayed the cardstock with black spraypaint (Glimmermist wasn't available in Denmark at that time ;-D ). Then I cut out 3 butterflies nicely and placed them on the white butterfly-spots and painted with green acrylicpaint from inside out around the butterfly-shapes. I dotted the butterflies with grey ink and put on half pearls in each dot. For the last finish I inked the edges with a green colour.

The only embellishments I used was the half pearls and rubons.

- So here you are - a layout with my beautiful daughter :-D

lørdag den 6. marts 2010

A glimpse of the Greek island Kos

Here is one more layout for a Multiscrap challenge. This challenge was "use the colours green, pink and turquoise" - "use a lot of flowers" and "repeat a technique you choose yourself".

I chose the technique sewing, but I almost regretted - do you know how much time you need sewing all the sequins on the ribbon and lettters ???? ;-D ;-D

This time I scanned the layout, so the colours are a bit changed. The "red" colours are pink IRL ;-D

Fisherman's Bastion

I have created one more layout from the Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest.

I have to admit that I used a postcard for this layout, I think it's better to buy a postcard when it's impossible to take a picture of a large building.

There is not much more to tell about the layout, - I'm very satisfied with it and I love having it in my Hungary-album ;-D

tirsdag den 2. marts 2010

Carpe Diem - Seize The Day

I made this layout for a Multiscrap challenge. We had to choose one of our favorite pictures, one of our favorite colours and our favorite quotation.

Carpe Diem - Seize The Day - remember living in the present. I think this is a very important.

I have more than one favorite colour, but I really love all shades of blue, so I chose these blue/grey colours which are perfect for the picture.

I took the picture back in 1988 where we went to Hungary for a vacation. The young ice-eating man is my DH. We spent a couple of weeks at Lake Balaton, and one day we took the train to Budapest for a sightseeing, and one of the places we visited was Fisherman's Bastion (Halászbástya) which really is a beautiful building.

I printet a transparency and used it as an overlay and forced ;-D my old Xyron machine to cut out the "Carpe Diem - letters".

I think this is all for now.

Caesar with a lot in his mouth

Our lovely, crazy, beloved dog, Caesar, loves to fool around with some sticks in his mouth ;-D

Caesar is half a labrador and half a german shepherd, and he is SO KIND. I know some people say that you must not humanize a dog, but Caesar really has a sense of humour and he LOVES teasing us. He is funny and crazy - I wonder why a wise man once said, that a dog is like his family .... ;-D ;-D

Materials: Cardstock fra Bazzill, the letters are die-cuts made on my BigShot, 3 buttons, scrappers floss, a brown zig writer and the rest of the materials are from Cloud9 dog series.

First layout on the blog

I'm delighted to show some of my layouts her on the new blog.

The first one I would like to present is a layout from one of our wedding anniversaries.

I made this layout for a scrapbooking callenge back in 2008. The topic was "Love" and "use 3 pictures". I chose these pictures from one of our wedding anniversaries. We spent the Easter in our holiday cottage, so we celebrated the day up there having a nice diner at a local restaurant, afterwards we went to the beach and later we drank champagne in the holiday cottage.

I think this is what I can tell about this layout. I hope you like it ;-D


Welcome to my gallery

My new blog is meant to be a gallery, where I want to show some of my scrapbooking layouts.

I hope you will enjoy stoppin' by and I would really apprediate your comments.