søndag den 30. maj 2010

Mission To Create - The Best Rumcake Ever/Verdens bedste romkage :-D

During our stay i Lübeck, Germany, last summer we had a cup of coffee at Café Niederegger. Lübeck is well know in most of the world for the marzipan, and I really understand why. Especially a company called Niederegger is making the most delicious marzipan. I have some pictures from the shop I'm going to scrap some day, when those are the ones speaking to me beeing scrapped :-D

Anyway, the rumcake on the picture is the best cake I have ever tasted with the fantastic chocolate- and rumcustard, marzipan- and chocolatecoating - all of a very high quality. Even the coffee was fantastic.... YUMMI......

I made this layout for a challenge over at Mission To Create, and I used 4 out of 5 concepts: Beads, the color brown, distressing, decorative edge paper.


torsdag den 27. maj 2010

A shoe size no. 6/En sko str. 39

I have made my first layout for a challenge over at The Inspired Scrapper. People who know me would say that I'm crazy about dogs, so this challenge "All Things Animal" is really one for me :-D

Of course I had to create a layout with our lovely dog Caesar. On the picture he is only 8 weeks old and had just moved in with us. He was a so tiny, almost like a shoe no. 6 (the Danish size is called 39).

Today Caesar is 10 years old and he is a very beloved part of our family. I forgot to tell that he is half a German shepherd and half labrador, so you can't call him tiny anymore ;-D

I used some of my old dog-stash for this layout.


fredag den 21. maj 2010

Trip to Lübeck in Germany

The layout I want to show you today is one I made for an article I made for the Danish online scrapmagazine Scrapsisters . I wrote an article about making your own kit of some of your old stash instead of buying new things. All the materials on this layout are at least 1 ½ years old. I was really surprised how much I could make out of the kit I made (2 more layouts).
(I hope my explanation in English make sence ;-D ).

Not far from the German border there is a beautiful small town called Lübeck. Last summer we visited Lübeck, and of course we took a lot of pictures. The picture on the layout is from a park at Holstener Tor.

I think this is all for now.
This week-end I'm on duty at the hospital, but
I hope you will get
a warm and sunny week-end :-D


søndag den 16. maj 2010

I'm still scrapping... :-)

I have been a bad blogger the last couple of weeks. Well, I have been scrapping, but it is layouts for an article I am writing for the Danish online magazine Scrapsister, where I am a DT-member and a writer, so I can't show you my work. Anyway, I think I have to show you a layout, so I borrowed one from my Danish blog

This year I have started making monthly layouts. Layouts with ordinary pictures from my daily lift, so here you have the one from the month of February.

Thank you very much
for your visit :-D