søndag den 7. marts 2010

My beautiful daughter

Well, I have to admit that I'm rather proud of this layout ;-D

First of all because of the picture which shows my daughter exactly as she is; beautiful and always smiling.

But I'm also pretty proud of the result of making my own background. At first I roughly cut out 3 butterfly-shapes and placed them on the white cardstock. Afterwards I sprayed the cardstock with black spraypaint (Glimmermist wasn't available in Denmark at that time ;-D ). Then I cut out 3 butterflies nicely and placed them on the white butterfly-spots and painted with green acrylicpaint from inside out around the butterfly-shapes. I dotted the butterflies with grey ink and put on half pearls in each dot. For the last finish I inked the edges with a green colour.

The only embellishments I used was the half pearls and rubons.

- So here you are - a layout with my beautiful daughter :-D

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