mandag den 15. marts 2010

First entry at Mission to Create

My gallery-blog are still a bit under construction,
but I think it's okay to go public now ;-D

I've decided to make a layout for Mission to Create. I think the challenges are great, so I went for it.

I think the saying Højt at flyve, dybt at falde is
High to fly, deep to fall
in English (does that make sence?).

If it wasn't for the challenge, I dont't think I would have dreamt of mixing the brown and blue colours on the layout with green, but I'm quite satisfied with it ;-D

My son lives in Copenhagen, and in December 2009 we spent a day in Tivoli together. It was terribly cold that day, and my husband and son wanted to give "Det gyldne Tårn" (The Golden Tower) a try. Because of the low temperature I think they regretted it a bit when they went high up in the air and had to fall down many meters in a high speed ;-D Anyway, they had a great - but cold - time ;-D


2 kommentarer:

  1. Great job on this challenge!

  2. love your corrugated stars!!
    thanks for playing along with MC!