søndag den 7. marts 2010

If I were king for a day....

Of course Caesar went to France with us. Actually it's very easy to travel in France with a dog. Dogs are welcome everywhere and everyone we met liked dogs ;-D

Here he is laying outside our caravan.

When I made the layout I was thinking what HE would decide if he were king for a day ;-D

"Mom and dad should stay at home every day and never go to work"
"All daily dogwalks in the forest have to be at least twice as long as now"
"Mom and dad should be available for playing the whole day long"
"I would like to have all the Rodeo-chewingsticks, steaks, cheese and icecream I could eat every day"
"I would like to stay outside the whole day long"

For this layout I used patterned paper from BasicGrey Mellow-series, a little piece of gold cardstock and gold stickels for the crown and some crown-tape from Prima.

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