lørdag den 20. marts 2010

Snydepakke (cheating gift - I hope that make sence in English ;-D )

My son, Claus, is a BIG fan of the Seattle music-scene, especially Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Last Christmas we, among other things, would give him a book about the Seattle music. The book didn't reach Denmark (from USA) before Christmas, so we gave him a book token instead. We didn't want to give it to him in an envolope, so we made a gift out of a kitchen roll and the book token. It was a big surprise with the book token wrapped that way, and we had a lot of fun that day ;-D

I used the cute BassicGrey series Eskimo Kisses for the layout. I hope you like it ;-D

1 kommentar:

  1. Wonderful layout, love the papers you used. Great idea to wrap a gift in that way! Have a great weekend. Anesha