søndag den 11. april 2010

Hello grandma

I've had a long weekend and it has gone quickly. Friday I had the day off, so we drove up to the summerhouse already Thursday, when I had off from work.

During the weekend, we insulated one of the house ends, so now we are ready to put on the beautiful facade planks. However, it must wait for some time, we first want to insulate 2 small walls, so we can put on the planks in one operation. I'm looking forward til see the finished result, when we - in some time - ends up getting a antrazit gray house.

"Hello grandma, - does your clothes taste good?"

In between all the work I made a layout for the album with Caesar. The picture is the very last one of our beloved grandma. Here we visit her at the nursing home where she lived the last few years of her life. Ceasar had only been a member of our family for a few weeks, and of course he had to say hello to grandma, who really loved dogs :-D

Here is a close-up of the cluster

Now I'm getting ready for a new week at the hospital. Most of my collegues are away the next days, so it's gonna be a tough week.

Take care out there :-D

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  1. Lovely layout, such a sweet photo. Hope your hospital visit is not too serious and hope it goes well. Anesha